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Michael Makarov

Michael MakarovMichael  Makarov

Michael plays regularly as an orchestral musician with well-known artists such as Nigel Kennedy, James Galway, Giora Feidmann, Andrei Gavrilov, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Eva Lind, Mischa Maisky and Sergei Nakariakov.He has played under renowned conductors such as Gary Bertini and Rudolf Barshai with the Young German Philharmonic and other orchestras, and as a chamber musician with the La i Sedici under Luigi Sagrestano. As a student, Michael was Concertmaster of the PRIMARTE Orchester under Alois Springer for nearly ten years at the Berlin Classic summer festival. 

Michael also plays cross-over regularly in jazz clubs and at a wide variety of venues, played avant-garde pieces in the ensemble Frescos of the Odessa Philharmonic and appeared regularly at the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music in Odessa.

He founded the Ultimate Duet (violin and guitar) and the Arco String Quartet and plays violin in the group Violincello, which is better known as Russian Quattro.

Born in the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odessa in 1978 to a musical dynasty with a pianist mother and opera singer father who performed regularly at the city's Opera House, Michael Makarov has been playing music in Europe since his early childhood and fell in love with jazz under the influence of his older sax-playing brother. He received his first violin lessons from Zoja Merzalova at the age of five and at 16 undertook his first concert tours after winning the music competition New Name of Ukraine. After completing his training at the Nezhdanova Academy of Music in Odessa, he continued his studies with Professor Sören Uhde at the Academy of Music in Würzburg.

At an early age, Michael discovered jazz, funk, art rock and pop His musical tastes range from Bach and Mozart to Coltrane and Keith Jarrett.