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About Russian Quattro

The idea of a double duet - 2 violins & 2 cellos - is simple yet ingenious.  The deep velvety sound of the cellos blend exquisitely with the higher pitched but gentle voice of the violins.  Together they produce a rich harmony.  Violins and cellos also allow for wonderful variety of melody/harmony combinations.  Moreover, they allow an immense range of music to be performed - classical, jazz, pop & rock - provided it is music of the highest quality.

Russian Quattro’s cellists are Kira Kraftzoff, the artistic director, and founder of the Rastrelli Cello Quartet, and Sergio Drabkin, master arranger.  The violinists are Mikhailo (Michael) Makarov, and Vladislav Pesin.  All of these players are superb musicians who have enjoyed recognition and fame before they joined forces to form Russian Quattro.  The sound and charisma of each are unique, with each offering important strengths to form a brilliant ensemble.  Kira’s cello sings in the higher registers.  Sergio lays down a smooth and steady bass line, Michael and Vlad’s violins are very expressive.

As the founder and artistic director of both Russian Quattro and Rastrelli Cello Quartet, Kira lends his great musical talents, leadership and irrepressible energy, to everything he touches.  Both Russian Quattro and Rastrelli are ensembles of the highest musical quality, classy, and very professional.

Sergio’s arrangements of beautiful classical pieces, swinging jazz tunes, evergreen pops and a few rock standards, are delicate or driving (as the piece requires), fresh yet familiar, and always delightful.  As Sergio knows his players’ strengths inside and out, his arrangements challenge them to play the very best that they can.

Michael’s playing was legendary even as a student in his hometown of Odessa, the home of the great violinist David Oistrakh.  His charismatic playing coupled with improvisational skills make Michael a delight to see and hear.

Vlad is inspired by old and modern classical music.  And this inspiration shines through in his playing, and informs and enhances all of the various styles of music played by Russian Quattro.

Russian Quattro is united by their love of great music, and their joy at sharing their innermost musical thoughts and feelings with the audience.  Niccolo Pagannini, the greatest musician and violin genius, once said: “One must feel strongly to make others feel.”  This thought is the guiding light for Russian Quattro.  Close your eyes at one of Russian Quattro’s concerts and drift off into a world of beautiful music, which conveys the feelings of the players and the composers while uniting them with those of the audience.

Russian Quattro